Opportunities for Diplomats

As part of the diplomatic corps in the United Kingdom, you represent the very best of your country. You hold an esteemed position, not only in your country, but here as well.

Christian Embassy are a multi-denominational non-governmental organisation registered with the United Nations, and as a charity here in England. We are here to serve you and London’s leadership communities and to help you accomplish your worthy goals, regardless of your national, political, or religious background.

The best ways that we can do that is to help you connect with leaders in parliament and business, and, in the privacy of your office or home, to confidentiality provide you with a better understanding of Christian values and teaching which provides the historic foundations of this nation and significantly informs the worldview of current national leadership.

Courtesy Visits

When you first arrive in London as a representative of your country, we would like to schedule a courtesy call to introduce ourselves and present the services and practical resources that Christian Embassy offer.

Private Consultations

You may want to speak privately and confidentially with a member of our team to explore the teaching and values of Jesus, whether you are a Christian or not. Personal coaching is also available.

Roundtables with MPs or Peers

We organize roundtables to facilitate the interactions of six to eight diplomats with one or more senior members of Parliament. The roundtables give you the opportunity to share your country’s perspective on specific areas of mutual interest with the member of Parliament and to glean helpful ideas from one another.

Culture Transition Seminars

London is a world-class city with wonderful opportunities. It can also be overwhelming to you and your family, especially if you have arrived from a very different culture. We hold periodic seminars to help you with the practical aspects of your job and life in London as well as the spiritual issues that we all grapple with in our personal lives.

Intercultural Communication Seminars

We offer research-based seminars to help you overcome cultural barriers that can hinder good communication, negotiation, and understanding. Examples include “How to do business with the British” and “How to negotiate across cultures.”

Networking Events

London is home to more than 180 foreign embassies.  We hold periodic networking events to help you and your staff connect with your colleagues and other leaders in parliament, government and business, so that you might better meet the challenges in your professional and personal life.

Conversational English Class

Our faith-based English classes are designed to give you practice in oral expression and comprehension. The listening, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation activities are based on dialogue in the film, “The story of Jesus Through the Eyes of Children.” Classes are free of charge and scheduled to accommodate your needs.

Head of Mission Fellowship

Enjoy the fellowship of other Heads of Missions for dinner and dialogue on a relevant Biblical topic. Your colleagues host this gathering in their residence.

Spouse and Family

Living in an unfamiliar country or culture can be challenging. Christian Embassy offer periodic seminars on navigating life transitions, cultural challenges, marriage, parenting and other relevant topics for busy diplomat families. We can also help connect you to a weekly Bible study for wives of ambassadors and high commissioners.

Cultural Events

We partner with Christians in Government for their annual Whitehall Carol Service in Westminster Abbey and their Easter service in St Margaret’s Church, the church of Parliament. Heads of Missions, government ministers and civil servants are in attendance and contribute to these celebrations that are deeply rooted in the Christian history and culture of the United Kingdom.

Annual International Women’s Day Celebration

On the occasion of International Women’s Day every March, Christian Embassy organises a festive and formal women-only luncheon with inspirational music and a motivational message to celebrate the dignity and value that are inherently yours as a woman. By invitation only.

National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast

In June, we partner with Christians in Parliament for their annual Prayer Breakfast in the House of Commons. Over 600 guests, including Ambassadors, High Commissioners, MPs, Peers and national leaders gather to hear a Biblical perspective on current events and to hear prayers for the national leadership. Immediately following, Heads of Missions of all religions and none are invited to a private seminar to network and interact with MPs, Peers, and other leaders in the public and private sector. By invitation only.

Prom Praise

The Royal Albert Hall provides the perfect location for our annual outing to a truly unique spring concert. In the style of the world-famous “Last Night of the Proms”, the entire hall can join the choir and orchestra for a unique blend in classical and contemporary music.

London Tours

Join us for private tours that have included the British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Christian Heritage London, and Westminster Abbey.