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Christian Embassy is a non-political, non-denominational NGO. Our desire is to serve the spiritual and social needs of London’s diplomatic community through dialogue, special events, and networking with leaders in the public and private sectors.

We believe that the worthy goals of international understanding, individual responsibility, and love for your neighbour, are affirmed in the teachings of Jesus and anchored in a reverence for God.


  • 1975 – The first Christian Embassy is founded in Washington, DC.
  • 1990 – Christian Embassy is accredited as an NGO at the United Nations.
  • 2002 – Mrs Katherine Grainger starts Christian Embassy in London.
  • 2010 – Dr Michael Leary becomes the first full-time Executive Director of Christian Embassy London.


Dr Michael Leary

Executive Director

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Ms Laura Fels

Deputy Director

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Each of the Christian Embassies on four continents seeks to serve leaders through culturally relevant initiatives. Please do let us know if you’ll be visiting one of them or would like to open a new location.


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What is Christian Embassy?
We are an NGO accredited at the United Nations comprising a global network that provides those in leadership the opportunity for interfaith dialogue, networking and spiritual resources to enrich their lives both personally and professionally.
How are you funded?
We receive no funding from any government agency or any single religious group. As a non-profit organization, we are funded by private citizens and many different churches of various denominations.
Are you accredited to the Court of Saint James?
Are you a church?
No. We encourage you to be involved in the church of your choice.
Are you Anglican?
No. It would be more accurate to call us “Christian”. We are multi-denominational and seek to represent the core historical teachings of the Bible that are embraced by Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant Christians.
Are you political?
No. But we gladly serve politicians from all parties.
Where else are you located?

We are presently in 10 locations on 3 continents, including Bern, Geneva, London, Manila, New Delhi, New York, Ottawa, Paris, Pretoria, and Washington, DC.

Are you affiliated with International Christian Embassy Jerusalem?

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