Opportunities for Business Leaders and Professionals

Christian Embassy offer several initiatives that will give you opportunity to network and connect with diplomats and parliamentarians, as well as with other business leaders and professionals. We want to serve as a catalyst in your conversations, providing you with an opportunity to both share your own faith journey and to be inspired by the stories of others.

Private Consultations

You may want to speak privately and confidentially with a member of our team to explore the teaching and values of Jesus, whether you are a Christian or not. Personal coaching is also available.


The roundtable events organized by Christian Embassy facilitate your interaction with six to eight diplomats. They give you as a leader in the private sector the opportunity to share your perspective on specific areas of mutual interest, to expand your business opportunities, and to describe the relevance and implications of your faith to your professional and personal life.

Networking Events

Through our networking luncheons and seminars, Christian Embassy provide a platform for you to make meaningful connections with parliamentarians and more than 180 embassies represented in London. As a Christian leader, you will have the opportunity to speak about your professional experience and how a personal relationship with God impacts your personal and professional life.

International Delegations

In collaboration with the local Ambassador or High Commissioner, Christian Embassy organise international delegations comprising government and business leaders. The purpose of our delegations is to discover the priorities and concerns of the leaders you will meet and to build bridges of understanding. They also seek to discuss areas of mutual concern and to explore the possibility of future cooperation. Participation in a delegation can help you to increase your understanding of international affairs and expand your business opportunities as you develop a valuable network with leaders across the world.

Annual International Women’s Day Celebration

On the occasion of International Women’s Day every March, Christian Embassy organises a festive and formal women-only luncheon with inspirational music and a motivational message to celebrate the dignity and value that are inherently yours as a woman. By invitation only.

Prom Praise

The Royal Albert Hall provides the perfect location for our annual outing to a truly unique spring concert. In the style of the world-famous “Last Night of the Proms,” the entire hall can join the choir and orchestra for a unique blend in classical and contemporary music.